Hi, I’m Amaris.


I like to joke that the name my momma gave me pretty much guaranteed that I’d end up as some kind of artist. All my life, I’ve had either a pencil, a paintbrush, or a camera in my hand. However, if you had told me ten years ago that I'd soon be all mixed up in the wedding photography business, I'd have thought you were NUTS. I would have told you that I was an INTROVERT, that I was NOT a risk taker. Furthermore, I would have told you I was TERRIFIED of photographing strange people, let alone LARGE GROUPS of strange people!

 So let me tell you why wedding photography snared this shy artist's heart.

It's really simple.

It makes me happy to honor love.

I am inspired by the courage it takes to risk loving another imperfect human being. I love the challenge of being a compassionate witness to all the action, emotion, and energy of a wedding day. 

I honor your love story through photographs born when light, composition, creativity, energy, courage, and compassion merge. I believe that in wedding and engagement photography, what is real adds depth to what is beautiful. I see your day with the eye of an artist, as well as a friend. I search for those moments that not only celebrate your love, but also celebrate the unpolished, unscripted, lighthearted, and honest memories of your day.

I LOVE those moments. I love the solemn and the silly. I love the holy and the happy. I love the whimsical and the wild. I love the tender moments as well as the tough ones. I love the joy and the jitters. It's all wonderful to  me.

THAT'S how wedding photography snared this artist's heart.

Plus, I really, really like cake. And happy, messy tears. And pretty flowers. And belly laughs that make your eyes wrinkle up. And grandmas and grandpas who dance every dance.

Whatever your happy day looks like, it's my happy, too.

So if having a photographer by your side on your wedding day who's just as likely to cry as your mom is, or laugh like your groomsmen will, or who will probably dance at least once at your reception sounds like fun to you, you and I need to talk! Jump on over to my Connect page and let me know all about your plans!

P.S. Photographing big groups is like my favorite thing now.

Emily & Nathan   6.4.16                              

Emily & Nathan   6.4.16                              

When I’m not celebrating with our sweethearts, I’m hanging out at home with my husband and photography sidekick, Jonathan, our son and photography apprentice, Eli, our Belgian Malinois, Jocko, and our two kitties, Charlie and Casper. I collect vintage embroidery and heart-shaped stones, and books....soooo many books! Pansies and violets are my favorite flowers. I enjoy being Mimi to a dozen nieces and nephews, reading historical mysteries, eating dark chocolate, and having flying adventures in our Cessna 182 Skylane. (Jonathan's the pilot in command, Eli's the student pilot, and for now I'm the happy passenger!) Every chance we get, we run away to North Carolina and find new trails to hike in the Smokies. We keep plotting new adventures, and Jonathan and I plan on being gnarly old hikers one day.