Warning: I tell bad jokes, badly.

I also turn into a combination of Mary Poppins, mother hen, cheerleader, and experimental artist on your wedding day. I will probably climb on something. I tend to be a little distracted by babies. I will assign random names to your groomsmen. I will absolutely dance with my hubby at your reception. 

If there's chocolate at your wedding, I WILL find it.

.... Still reading? Yay! That's good, right? I can't wait to connect with you! Let's start talking wedding.... and maybe what I should be watching on Netflix!

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Okay, Now That The Official Stuff is Over...
Totally not required, but absolutely fun. I'd really love to know!
Currently, I'm hooked on Victoria and re-watching Elementary. Old episodes of the X-Files, Star Trek, and American Pickers are favorites too.
I'd be rambling through the Smokies with my dog. You?
I need all the help I can get! Jonathan's starting to get a little concerned.
The time that they spend getting to know their clients is my favorite part. I could not have imagined anyone else capturing our special day. We love recommending this dynamic duo every chance we get.
— Kandace Smith
Jon and Amaris are an incredible team who made us feel like royalty on our wedding day. Their uplifting and laid back personalities kept our day running smoothly and stress free.
— Mary Kathryn Hutcherson