Kandace + Tre's Cozy Mississippi State University Engagement Session: Starkville, MS Engagement Photography

Can I tell you something? When I first met Kandace and Tré, I thought to myself, "Oh my goodness, these two are going to have the most ADORABLE babies one day!" :) These two sweethearts are not only complete cutie pies, they're so sweet and in love, they are quite literally wrapped up in one another. They had to be, since it was FREEZING the day of their early spring engagement session! Kandace and Tré have been patiently waiting to say "I do" for two years while they both worked on earning degrees & completing their internships. Jonathan and I mope dissolve have withdrawals don't like it if we are apart from each other for two days, so when they told me that after their engagement, they had be separated by their studies for two years, this photographer's heart was deeply touched.   But guess what?? This Saturday, their waiting is OVER! These patient, hardworking sweethearts are saying "I do" at the Hewlett Barn and Stables in Starkville, and we can't wait to witness their joy!img_4034img_2114Don't let the bright sunshine fool you - it was a very, VERY cold, windy day on the campus of MSU when we took these precious photos! These two were real troopers! The weather made for lots of snuggly photos. <3img_4084img_2136img_4129img_2194img_4159img_2166img_2315Tré is so much in love with this beautiful girl. He's a complete romantic. You should read what he wrote on their wedding website at The Knot. No, really, go read it. Every woman deserves a man who loves her like this: Kandace and Tre's Love Storyimg_2276These two have the BEST laughter and the most beautiful smiles!img_2328img_2333img_4199img_4201img_4234Kandace and Tré, it has been a blessing and privilege for us as we have gotten to know the two of you and work together this year. We can't wait to watch the beginning of your life together as Mr. and Mrs. Smith! The waiting will be at an end, and a beautiful new beginning is in store for you this Saturday!

Kandace & Tré's Engagement Session Locations:

Mississippi State University and MSU Research Park, Starkville, MS

Love Takes You Places: Amanda + Matt's Vintage Aviation Engagement Session: Mississippi Engagement Photography

I have something special to share with you today!  I have a soft spot in my heart for this precious couple, Amanda and Matt, because their love story reminds me just a tiny bit of mine & Jonathan's. Before I met Jon, I had been out of Mississippi exactly three times, and I had never left the South.  And before I knew it, we were traveling all over the place, crossing oceans, having adventures, and learning to fly (literally!) My wonderful husband has dragged me kicking and screaming encouraged me out of my comfort zone from the moment we met, and my life is ever so much richer because of his daring spirit. So when we first sat down with these two, I was tickled because Amanda is a lovely, shy young woman - she admitted to bringing her sister along for support on her and Matt's first date! - and she has found her soulmate in a bold, adventure loving, professional pilot. And they've been having adventures ever since! For example: guess where Matt proposed? In PARIS, y'all.  PARIS, FRANCE. (Can you tell that he's also very romantic?) And guess what? They're saying "I do" to a lifetime of more adventures this Saturday!IMG_4484IMG_6510Amanda and Matt brought along their sweet fur baby, Bella the bulldog! Look at this FACE!IMG_4482IMG_6450We met Amanda and Matt for their fall e-session in the beautiful small town of Clinton, MS, where Amanda grew up. We were super excited because Clinton is just CUTE, y'all. The little historic downtown has brick streets and adorable shops and BICYCLES everywhere. I loved how they incorporated so many important elements of their lives - their love of small town life, their love of MSU, and Matt's service in the Armed Forces.  These things alone would have made for an amazing e-session, but Amanda had a surprise up her sleeve for Matt.IMG_6558IMG_6570IMG_6573IMG_6589IMG_6601IMG_4502After capturing these sweet moments in the charming old streets of Clinton, we drove a few miles out of town...IMG_6614IMG_4534IMG_4525-2... where a friend of Amanda's had a private airstrip filled with gorgeous old warbirds! Jonathan and I were over the moon at the chance to even just see these awesome planes, let alone photograph with them!IMG_6644IMG_4570IMG_4581Wouldn't you know it, the weather turned super chilly and windy the moment we stepped foot on the airstrip, but Amanda was a trooper. We had so much fun taking these pictures! IMG_6666IMG_4555IMG_6792IMG_6763IMG_6825IMG_4620Amanda and Matt, we have been so blessed to get to know you and share this part of your wedding journey with you! We can't wait to witness your beautiful day Saturday, and we can't wait to see where love takes you from here!