Caryn Amaris Photography is LIVE!

I have some exciting news, y'all - our photography business has gone live with a new name and a new look as of TODAY! We have been You Call the Shots Photography since 2009, and it's been a wonderful journey for us under that name! So let me take a quick moment and tell you about our new name, why I chose it, and what HASN'T changed. 


When we first decided to serve our community as photographers, we did EVERYTHING. Birthdays, portraits, seniors, babies, families, product photography - you name it, we did it! And we loved it all! We spent hours trying to find a fun, catchy name that described how we felt about our photography, and You Call the Shots was perfect for us. You called us, and we took the shots! Get it? Weren't we clever?? 

That name also communicated how important our clients' priorities were to us. We wanted to know what meant the most to YOU. That's one thing that has NOT changed, and will never change! 

However, as the years passed, we fell more and more in love with wedding photography. And as that happened, I began to take more and more of the lead role in our business. My creative voice, my way of working on a wedding day, and my style of editing solidified our photography into something NEW. As he always has, Jonathan encouraged me to run with this new passion and energy. I began to search for a new name for our photography business that reflected this, and after MONTHS and MONTHS of soul-searching, endless lists of ideas, and bouncing all kinds of possibilities off my very patient friends, I realized that just my name was all I needed.


It helps me to stay brave and bold, having my name as the banner of our business. And it is still OUR business - my wonderful husband Jonathan is always going to be my main sidekick! He brings his own wonderful eye, calm energy, and creative skills as a photographer to each wedding day. He's a keeper, y'all.

Weddings are our happy place, and that's not going to change. Our priority will always be honoring the unique love stories of our clients through compassionate, artful, and skillful photography. However, in the months to come, I do plan to offer other kinds of photography services, as our wedding schedule allows. Because this is really God's business, not mine. He gave us our love for photography as well as our abilities. So I don't want want to close the door on anything He plans to send our way! I am dreaming BIG, y'all!


So today, March 1, 2018, we have a new name. And a new website, And a new look. But my mission is the same - to honor love. To serve our clients well through beautiful, bold, creative photography. And to have FUN while we're doing it!  Would you help me celebrate today? Would you spend a little time visiting my new website, and share the news of our new name? Thank you so much! I can't wait to share more of our adventures!