A Perfectly Romantic July Wedding at the Chapel of Memories

Wow! Can you believe August is almost over already? It was a wonderful, BUSY spring and summer wedding season for Jonathan and I, and we couldn't be happier! We've been so blessed to be a part of many lovely weddings this year! Today I am SO EXCITED to share a little BIG sneak peek of our last wedding... on July 16 we had the privilege of witnessing the sweet union of two families in Starkville, MS. We spent the morning with Kelly and her precious family and friends, and I was touched at how much thought and time her family and friends had taken to make sure Kelly's morning was smooth, calm, and best of all, FUN. (In fact, I think her sweet Daddy wore himself out getting ready for the big day! If you look carefully at the second photo, you'll get a glimpse of him napping in the background!)

But first, let's all take a minute to just drink in this DRESS, y'all....

Kelly's bridesmaids were such a hoot. I don't remember what was so funny here, but I know I was laughing so hard that I am still amazed all these images are in focus!

Kelly's bridesmaids were such a hoot. I don't remember what was so funny here, but I know I was laughing so hard that I am still amazed all these images are in focus!

Helping her baby girl dress, one tiny button at a time...

Helping her baby girl dress, one tiny button at a time...


I just want to stop right here and brag on Kelly a little bit.

She really did her homework planning out her wedding morning. She found a stylish, comfortable place to get ready - the Marriott Courtyard Starkville MSU at The Mill Conference Center - and she gave herself AMPLE time. She was able to enjoy the company of her friends, get ready without worrying about the clock, and she had plenty of time set aside in her day to take some lovely, lovely bridal portraits both at the hotel AND at the Chapel.


Here’s a sample of how a carefully chosen hotel room can make a beautiful portrait studio!


And since she had started a little early in the day and had plenty of time, she was able to do fun stuff like have a first look moment with her bridesmaids! Their reactions were PRICELESS!


They thought she was incredibly beautiful from all angles!Like I said, they were very impressed!


We headed over to the Chapel of Memories for Kelly's bridal portrait session #2.  This lovely place is full of precious memories for generations of MSU students and Starkville residents. Just before we began Kelly's session, a woman stopped by to peek into the Chapel... she was so delighted to see Kelly in her bridal gown, because she had gotten married at the Chapel many years ago on this EXACT SAME DAY! And she just wanted to visit the place where so many happy memories began. Isn't that amazing?


Now it's time for you to meet Kelly's handsome sweetheart, Brandon. He has the best laugh... while we were taking his portraits, some of his groomsmen were making, um, COMMENTS in the background! It was hard for him to keep a straight face!


Before the wedding party and family arrived for their pictures, Kelly & Brandon had a sweet First Look moment in the quiet Chapel.


Now I have to say something about these amazing bouquets.  They were created by Mr. Keith Winchester, and they were made of the most beautiful, delicate, lush roses I have seen in a long time. He can tell you the name of each and every one, too. I know because I asked him, and if I could find the scrap of paper where I wrote that information down, I'd tell you!  (Hashtag wedding photographer note taking FAIL!) But fortunately you can appreciate their beauty without knowing their names.

If I was a little girl, this is EXACTLY what I'd do while waiting for a wedding to begin at The Chapel of Memories!

If I was a little girl, this is EXACTLY what I'd do while waiting for a wedding to begin at The Chapel of Memories!


Soon, as the late summer afternoon light filtered down on the guests through the beautiful dark blue stained glass of the Chapel, the music began to play, and Kelly walked down the aisle to Brandon on the arm of her proud daddy.


Kelly and Brandon made their promises to God and each other in the presence of so many family and friends, the Chapel could barely hold them all.


First kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Huerkamp!


And here's their SECOND kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Huerkamp!


After a quick limo getaway from the Chapel, Kelly and Brandon celebrated with their wedding guests at a Reception at the Starkville Country Club. Kelly & Brandon gave us a few precious minutes during their Reception for some very special sunset portraits, and I'm so, so glad they did...Because THIS.


And then it was time for food, cake, and dancing the night away! And at the end of the evening, Kelly and Brandon were sent off with cheers, laughter, and showers of sweetly scented rose petals. Kelly and Brandon, every moment of your wonderful day was beautiful and so much fun! It was a dream to photograph, and witnessing your happiness gave us so much joy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful season of your lives with us!

♥ Vendor Love ♥

Bride's Wedding Morning Venue: Courtyard Starkville MSU at The Mill Conference Center

Groom's Wedding Morning Venue:Comfort Suites Starkville

Ceremony: The Chapel of Memories at Mississippi State University, Starkville              Contact: Vanessa  662-325-3228

Reception: Starkville Country Club

Bride's Gown Designer and Boutique: Allure Couture at The Bride and Groom Bridal Boutique

Bridal Hair Stylist: Tina Brown of Park Place Boutique and Salon

Bridal Makeup Stylist: Autumn Hardy

Bridesmaids' Gowns Designer and Boutique: Jasmine B2 at Kay's Kreations

Groom's Attire: House of Tux - The Bride & Groom Bridal Boutique

Bouquets and Floral Arrangements by: Keith Winchester of Macon, MS 662-251-0905

Reception Catering by: Savory Solutions Catering  205-399-2955 or 205-373-6036

Cake Artist: Bonita at Savory Solutions Catering  205-399-2955 or 205-373-6036

Reception Music By: Faze 4 Band  1-769-257-2568  reedanth@yahoo.com

Invitation Design: Swirlz of Tupelo

Calligrapher: Cecil Wells of Jackson, MS