Sarah + Robby: A Spring Engagement in the Woods: Mississippi Engagement Photography

There's something wonderful about the wild, sweet Mississippi woods in the springtime. For a few brief weeks in March and April, every morning shows you a new flower, a new bud, a new shade of green. I couldn't be happier when Sarah and Robby told us that they wanted to celebrate their engagement in the sunlight-dappled woods and paths of Plymouth Bluff Center. The shady, quiet glades and trails and bluffs along the old riverbed of the Tombigbee felt like the perfect setting for these sweethearts. And this Saturday, a little church in the woods near Echola, Alabama, decorated with wildflowers, filled with the sweet music of a dulcimer, and lighted by the warm light of June, will be the perfect setting for them to say "I do."IMG_5889-2IMG_2518IMG_2964I've known Sarah's family for years, every since I was a brand-new, very nervous art teacher at the YMCA, and her beautiful momma Cynthia became a dear friend and mentor. Sarah was one of my very first students, and even when she was very young, I was taken by the very intentional way she approached her art lessons. She crafted beautiful, carefully rendered drawings and sculptures, and her delight in creating was an encouragement to me. I always thought of her as very kind, a little shy, and a very thoughtful and serious-minded young woman. Most importantly, everyone that spends time with her knows that her faith in Christ as her Savior is the foundation of her life, so when she told me that she had met her future husband, I knew the man who won her heart had to be very, very special. IMG_2555Sarah and Robby met for the first time at a meeting of the MSU Prayer Furnace in the summer of 2014. Even though Sarah was splitting her time between Columbus and Birmingham, they became friends, sharing prayer requests in the group, texting, and just talking.  Happily, soon Sarah moved home to Columbus, and Robby soon returned to Starkville to attend grad school at MSU. Little did Sarah know that this thoughtful, prayerful young man already knew in his heart that she was the woman he wanted to share his life with...IMG_5950IMG_2595IMG_2585While Sarah was away in Birmingham, Robby had been falling more and more in love with this beautiful dancer.  He began praying over their relationship and seeking God's will for their future...IMG_2796-2IMG_6072IMG_6118By the fall of 2015, Sarah and Robby both knew they were ready for a deeper relationship.  Robby asked Sarah out to a special dinner and shared his heart with her, and from that point their courtship began. After dating for almost 3 months, on Valentine's Day Robby collected roses, Reese's Pieces, and a wrote Sarah a love letter - and he asked her to marry him. She said yes, and they celebrated with friends and family at a surprise engagement party the same evening!IMG_6129IMG_6087IMG_6113-2The quiet beauty of the afternoon light streaming down through the trees reminded me of the light streaming through cathedral windows.  I think this little spot was just waiting for Sarah and Robby to find it.IMG_6200IMG_6216Sarah had shared a touching story with me: since she and Robby didn't have much extra money to spend on going out, many times they'd make sandwiches, sit on a bench in town, and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich date! So of course I wanted to make that precious part of their love story part of the session! So as the sun sank lower in the sky, we traveled back to Columbus for a few late evening portraits on the Riverwalk.IMG_6252-2IMG_2898And a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. <3IMG_6301IMG_6285IMG_2919IMG_2996Sarah and Robby's love story is best summed up in their own words: "Since November 20, the day we started dating, we both knew we were going to get married, and God has continually showed up with His grace, mercy, and love as Robby and I embark on this journey.  Neither of us had ever dated before, so everything is new, and sometimes scary, but God is always with us.  He has lavished His goodness on us, and continually takes us deeper and deeper into His heart and His love.  We are ever aware of our need of a Savior, and extremely thankful for His forgiveness.  We're so grateful we can now pursue the heart of God together as a couple." Sarah and Robby, Jonathan and I couldn't be happier for you two, and we are so excited to witness you two say "I do" this Saturday! Thank you for inviting us to help you celebrate the beginning of your lives together husband and wife!

Locations for Sarah & Robby's Engagement Session

Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center

The Columbus Riverwalk