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Juliana + Michael  11.11.17

Juliana + Michael  11.11.17

I love your work! How do I book you for my wedding?

Yay! The first step is to say hello by dropping me a note through the form on my connect page and tell me a little about yourself and your love story! Every bride has her own special vision for the day, and every photographer has their own way of capturing that vision, so it's really important that we get to know each other to make sure we're a good fit. Also, keep in mind that in order to take the very best care of our brides and grooms, I offer a limited number of wedding bookings per year. So don't wait too long to contact me - my bookings often fill up a year in advance!

What can I expect after I fill out your Connect form?

  • That's a great question, because I really feel that good communication is the foundation for a happy client experience! If we decide we might be a good fit for each other, we'll schedule a time to meet up over coffee or have a phone or Facetime chat. During our first meeting/chat, I'll happily answer ANY questions you have, and I'll have a few of my own for you... like how you felt when you saw your future sweetheart for the first time!
  • The next step is officially reserving your date by signing your contract and paying your deposit. Don't worry, the process is super quick and easy!
  • After that, you're officially one of my precious brides! Yay! At that point, we'll start planning your engagement session. Planning a session can seem stressful, but don't worry - I help you design the experience that is most meaningful for you! My goal is for your engagement session to be a fun CELEBRATION of your love, not just "taking pictures." And it's a great way for you to get to know me and Jonathan better, and best of all, we get to know YOU! By the way, it's okay if you don't feel comfortable in front of a camera - most of our clients don't at first! Jonathan and I are very experienced in helping our clients relax and have fun! You'll be so surprised at how much fun you have! Your online Engagement Gallery will be ready 2-3 weeks after your session, and you can immediately start sharing and ordering prints right from the gallery!
  • The next part of your wedding photography experience will be timeline planning. About 6-8 weeks before the big day, you'll fill out our Wedding Details Questionnaire, and I'll use all your answers to craft a sample Wedding Day Photography timeline. We'll work together to create a plan based on your hopes and priorities for the day! One of my big goals for our brides & grooms is not only to give you beautiful, meaningful photographs of your special day, but that you actually have space to be PRESENT in your wedding day! A well-planned timeline can help you achieve just that!
  • And then it's time for your WEDDING DAY! Jonathan and I (and maybe our son Eli too) will be with you to capture everything from your fun, candid, "getting ready" moments to your joyful exit from the reception! It's amazing how fast the day goes by, but we'll be there for all of it, so you can look back 30 years from now and relive every moment (even the ones you didn't see!) Within a day or two (sometimes within hours) I'll post my favorite images on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram so your family and friends can see your lovely wedding moments!
  • Finally, about 6-9 weeks after your wedding day, you'll receive your online Wedding Gallery! You'll be able to immediately download and share your images with friends and family. I'll also send detailed information about print orders and special Gallery Reveal coupons so you can make beautiful keepsake prints of your memories! And if you chose one of our gorgeous heirloom albums, I'll send detailed information on how we will begin the design process.
  • And if you want, we'll start planning an Anniversary Session for next year! We love celebrating as our brides' and grooms' love stories grow and mature!
Rebekah & McGee  1.30.18

Rebekah & McGee  1.30.18

You’ll start seeing sneak peeks within a day or two, sometimes within hours! About a week after your wedding day, I will edit a mini gallery of my favorite 15-25 photos to share on my blog, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Finished galleries take 6-9 weeks, and delivery of albums takes approximately 6 months.

Do you offer other types of photography besides wedding photography?

Yes, on a limited basis depending on our wedding schedule. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram accounts for special availability for family and senior sessions! And if you’re interested in a creative collaboration or styled shoot, don’t hesitate to contact me! You can reach me directly by emailing me at caryn.amaris.robinson@gmail.com or calling 662-251-4864.

How will I receive my photos? Will I receive high resolution images?

Your wedding gallery will be delivered via an online password protected gallery as well as a high quality USB drive. Your gallery will be delivered with printing rights and without any additional fees or withholding of high resolution images. Your online gallery will remain up for one year after the wedding day.

Kathryn + Coleman  12.30.17

Kathryn + Coleman  12.30.17

Do you offer prints and other photographic products?

Yes! It’s our heart’s desire that our clients not only own their digital images, but that they also preserve their precious memories through the craft of photographic printing. Every wedding client receives a special limited time 50% off coupon for prints from us when they receive their full gallery! We make the ordering process easy for you – once you receive your gallery, you can order prints with just a click of a button. We partner with the best professional print houses to ensure that our clients get the very BEST print products available. Our prints and albums are true heirloom-quality keepsakes.

How much are your wedding photography packages?

Our wedding photography packages begin at $2400.00. All our wedding packages include two photographers, a complementary engagement session, a high quality jump drive of your wedding images, and a limited time coupon for 50% off prints. We do not impose a time limit on our photography coverage - we are with you from the time you are getting ready to the moment you exit the reception. Bridal sessions, rehearsal dinner coverage, and Day After sessions are available for an additional fee. For more detailed package & pricing information, visit the Connect page and send me a quick hello!

I can’t decide about a First Look. What do you suggest?

I love both the traditional “see you at the altar” plan as well as First Look plans! Each one is a very personal decision and definitely makes a big difference to your wedding day timeline. There are pros and cons to both! The good news? I’ve written a helpful blog post about this very subject! You can check it out by jumping over to my blog and searching "First Look." I’m always available to help my brides and grooms with any of their wedding planning decisions!

Juliana & Michael   11.11.17

Juliana & Michael   11.11.17

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

My husband Jonathan and I have been joyfully capturing wedding memories together for our sweet brides and grooms since 2010! I actually shot my very FIRST wedding on FILM in 2001, for Jonathan’s little sister. We’ve both loved photography all our lives. For me, that love began with the albums full of old photographs at my Mamaw's house in Natchez. We’d sit side by side and spend hours soaking up the family memories. Later, I was handed a camera by my yearbook sponsor in high school, and that’s when I fell in love with the power of capturing stories of my own. Jonathan’s love for photography began in elementary school – he was lucky enough to go to a school that taught photography & darkroom skills in the fifth grade! When he was a teenager, he photographed his family’s road trip across the U.S.A. and created an album of memories. We still have that precious treasure!

What’s your love story?

I met Jonathan over 20 years ago, in college. My suitemate had a crush on his roommate, and she needed a wingman one Friday night, so I went along... and met my best friend for life! I was a self-conscious, shy, paint-spattered art major. Jonathan was a confident, kind, long-haired bearded guy with adorable dimples. He took me on our first date the very next night – to a Widespread Panic concert! And when I was ready to stop running from God, he took me to church. I’m pretty sure he was the first person to ever really pray with me. He helped me buy my first real camera, and laughed with me in the darkroom when I was learning to develop film. After dating for four years (and surviving two breakups) we married on a sunny October afternoon, moved into our funky little cabin by the lake, and started a serious camera collection. Pretty soon we had a baby, our wonderful son Eli, who is now a teenager and loves SpaceX, music, lighting design, and videography. (Plus he’s a better photographer at 15 than I was at 25.) I couldn’t ask for any bigger earthly blessing than to walk through this life holding hands with Jonathan, watching our son grow up together, and taking photographs of all of it.